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1. Degree Programmes

The degree programmes of the Faculty of Technology lead to the Bachelor of Science (Technology) degree of 180 credits (3 years of study) followed by the Master of Science (Technology or Architecture) degree of 120 credits (2 years of study).The Faculty offers the following degree programmes and alternative lines of study within the programmes:

Degree Programme in Architecture

  • Planning and Urban Design
  • Building Design
  • Architectural Design

Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering

  • Automotive Engineering
  • Machine Design
  • Materials Engineering
  • Mechatronics and Machine Diagnostics
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Production Technology
  • Structural Engineering and Construction Technology

Degree Programme in Process Engineering

  • Production Technology
  • Automation Technology
  • Industrial Engineering and Management and Work Science
  • Sustainable Energy

Degree Programme in Environmental Engineering

  • Water and Geoenvironmental  Engineering
  • Industrial Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology
  • Sustainable Energy

Degree Programme in Electrical Engineering

  • Electronics Design
  • Photonics and Measurement Techniques
  • Telecommunication Engineering
  • Electronics Materials and Components

Degree Programme in Computer Science and Engineering

  • Information Technology
  • Information Networks
  • Embedded Systems

Degree Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management

  • Management of Technology
  • Production Management
  • Quality and Project management
  • Management of wellbeing at work and usability

2. International Masterīs  Programmes

The Faculty of Technology offers the following Masterīs programmes (120 credits, 2 years of study) in English. Please note that Bachelorīs degree is only available in Finnish.

Masterīs Programme in Architectural Design

Masterīs Programme in Wireless Communication Engineering

Masterīs  Programme in Environmental Engineering

  • Clean Production
  • Water and Environment
  • Sustainable Energy


Work Science which belongs to the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management and the Mathematics Division which belongs to the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering serve all degree programmes.